Idli Fries

Two-day-old Idlis are no near as good as freshly steamed cakes but don’t rush to disregard them as you can make this quick and tasty snack out of frozen or refrigerated Idlis in minutes. 🕐

❗️To make Idli Fries you will need to use left-over Idlis that have been refrigerated for at least a day. You can’t use fresh Idli for the reason that they are soft, which will make them crumble in the oil. ❗️

You can simply deep fry the Idlis and enjoy them plain or you can shallow fry them and then top with spices such as chilli powder and salt, pav bhaji masala or chaat masala.👌🏻


Preparation time-1 min

Cooking time- 10 min


  • Heavy bottom pan (for shallow frying)
  • Kitchen roll (for draining the oil)


  • 5 or more refrigerated Idlis
  • Oil for shallow frying
  •  Seasoning- salt, chilli powder or pav bhaji masala or chaat masala [optional]


  1. Cut the day-old, refrigerated Idlis into fingers (like potato wedges)
  2. Heat the oil in the heavy bottom pan on medium heat
  3. When the oil is hot, carefully place the Idli fingers in the oil. Be aware of excessive water on the Idlis, which can make the oil pop
  4. Fry Idlis on all sides for about 2 minutes till they reach the desired colour/ crispiness. Personally, I prefer them rather crispy, so I leave them to fry for longer till they reach a nice brown colour.
  5. You can serve Idli with Sambar, different chutneys or just enjoy them plain 😉

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